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MudgeCorp puts safety first

Safety has always been an absolute priority for our team here at MudgeCorp. This year we have stepped up our commitment to safety even further by launching bi-monthly Safety Workshops facilitated by a different member of our team for each workshop. The designated facilitator plans and facilitates a workshop on an important safety topic in line with the Code of Conduct or relevant safety Guides published by Workcover NSW for the chosen topic. It is a known fact that the best way to learn something is to teach it. By involving many of our team members in the facilitation process, we are taking a proactive approach to workplace health and safety.

Everyone in the workplace has a role to play when it comes to Workplace Health and Safety however the responsibility for providing a safe workplace largely rests with the employer. As Managing Director of MudgeCorp, Steve Mudge takes this responsibility very seriously. By implementing these bi-monthly workshops, Steve is going above and beyond his obligations to ensure the safety of his staff and anyone visiting or working on one of our project sites.

“We are taking a leadership position in the industry not only as builders you can trust for the solutions and quality workmanship we provide, but also for maintaining high levels of safety throughout any construction project we undertake”, said Steve.

We kicked off our Safety Workshops in February with a site-based session on the topic of Managing the Work Environment and Facilities, facilitated by Project Manager, Tobias Drengenberg. 

Our latest Safety Workshop was held in April and facilitated by Project Manager, Hoani Rimene, who did a great job taking us through the important topic of managing the risks of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace. 

According to Workcover NSW, the abuse of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace has resulted in numerous cases of injury, absenteeism, lost production, workers compensation, and rehabilitation services. It’s a matter of identifying the risks and making an informed decision about how best to avoid or control the impacts of the risks.

We have produced our own Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy. Our policy includes zero tolerance for the use or possession of alcohol and prohibited drugs at the workplace and whenever operating company equipment.

Here is a run-down of what was covered in our workshop:

  • The use of alcohol, and prohibited and non-prohibited drugs in the workplace.
  • The responsibilities of the worker and the employer.
  • The side effects of certain drugs including withdrawal symptoms.
  • Support and management plans.
  • Employer and policy protocols. 

Contact us if you would like to view a copy of our Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.


Also this Quarter:

  • We update you on the progress of our current major commercial project – the Glenworth Valley Multi-Function Centre and provide an insight into how we strike a balance between meeting deadlines and ensuring your business can continue to function safely and profitably while works are in progress.
  • We showcase a stunning Gang Sawn Sydney Sandstone/Burnt Ash timber clad residence in Mosman that we are about to handover to its delighted owners.
  • Our design inspiration feature product this quarter is sure to entice you to want to learn more. 

And finally, just because winter is on the way doesn’t mean people aren’t gearing up now for the 2016 swimming season by planning the construction of a swimming pool. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge (pardon the pun) and putting a pool in this year (or you own a pool or spa now), don’t miss our latest blog post about –

  • The new rules for swimming pools and
  • How MudgeCorp can build your fully compliant custom-designed pool or spa so you don’t need to worry about a thing (except perhaps the number of people to invite to your first pool party).


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"Thanks for our work to date, the house is looking great and is a delight to live in! Many thanks"

Home Owner - Pymble

"RE: Glenworth Valley, Calga
The builders, MudgeCorp did great justice to the design and implemented their care to attention to detail throughout the building, especially the timber work."

James Cooper – Architect, SANCTUM DESIGN

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