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MudgeCorp’s Safety First Award Winner for June 2016 –
Kurt Saggus

As we reported in our last quarterly newsletter, we have taken our commitment to safety up a notch by running bi-monthly Safety Workshops. More recently we also launched a Safety First Awards Program. The winner of our inaugural Safety First Award in June was Kurt Saggus. Project Managers Hoani Rimene and Matt Foresythe recommended Kurt for this award.

Hoani said, “Kurt pays careful attention on every job site to ensure leads are kept up off the ground and the correct PPE is used for the right application. He also maintains a clean and tidy work environment in order to minimise the risk of injury.”

Matt added to this by saying, “Kurt always wears both ear and eye protection when cutting and makes it a point to conduct a risk assessment before commencing any task. His attitude towards safety makes him an excellent role model for his peers.” The accolade will be awarded monthly with winners receiving a certificate and a reward.

"Thanks for our work to date, the house is looking great and is a delight to live in! Many thanks"

Home Owner - Pymble

"RE: Glenworth Valley, Calga
The builders, MudgeCorp did great justice to the design and implemented their care to attention to detail throughout the building, especially the timber work."

James Cooper – Architect, SANCTUM DESIGN

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