Your Essential Checklist

Your home design and construction checklist

There are so many aspects to consider when designing or forming the vision for your new home, it can seem a little overwhelming. Our Essential Checklist makes it easy to understand the elements and processes involved.


While every construction project is unique, we have identified some key elements common to all construction projects to help you understand what to expect.

Rest assured at MudgeCorp we can take care of all of this for you, with the exception of deciding what you want to achieve from your home or residential development project. After all, it's your vision. We are here to help bring it to life.

Simply click on the 3 Stages below and navigate to each tip within each Stage.

What is your vision?

Get ideas and key-learnings from friends/family that have built before.


Research online to find some ideas and tips on materials, design/layout, colours and more. head to our 'Inspiration' section here in our site for some excellent resources to get you started.

Note down what you like & dislike in a home


It is just as important to be aware of what you don't like as it is to know what you like.

This knowledge will ensure your time, energy and money are not wasted.

Write your wish list


Don't be afraid to write down all your dreams here. You never know what innovative ideas and alternatives your project manager can provide that could still work within your budget and accomodate nay site challenges.

Choose a site

Challnging site? Not a problem when you choose MudgeCorp. We have the skills and experience to build a unique and environmentally sustainable home on even the most challenging site.


When choosing your site, consider the orientation of the site and eventually your home for optimum solar conditions.

Housing Code

Consider the zoning of your site and research the local Council's guidelines and legislation for development on your site.


Let us manage this for you.


Consider sustainability features that save you money over the life of your home.


Consider both your ideal budget and your absolute maximum budget. It is wise to include surplus budget for any unforeseen requirements. (See our checklist below to get an indication of your dream home's budget).

Need help?

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We can assist with:
- Clarifying your vision,
- Providing advice on selecting an architect,
- Sharing our knowledge on sustainability,
- Guiding you through the whole process, and
- Establishing a budget that is right for you and still achieves your goals.

Already talking to us?

We offer architectural design and drafting services from reputable and award-winning architects.

Going this phase alone?
Make sure you select an architect that you feel comfortable with - someone who can see your vision and is able to design within your budget.


If you deside to employ MudgeCorp at the 'Construction Process' stage only - it is beneficial to introduce us to your architect at the beginning of the design phase to ensure a smooth-flowing process all the way.


How can your site facilitate ideal temperature conditions for optimal year-round internal comfort and lower energy consumption?


At the design phase it is really important to consider orientation for:
- Shading
- Insulation
- Position of windows, skylights etc.


Keep your options open...
Your project manager and architect would ideally have a broad knowledge of various materials, including sustainable and innovative options. That way you will not only be able you will also have the peace of mind knowing materials used will be both earth friendly and energy efficient.


At MudgeCorp we have the experience and knowledge to guide you in the right direction based on our award-winning work using sustainable and innovative materials.

Energy / Water

ENERGY: A sustainable home won't only save you money and the environment; it can also be tailored to suit your lifestyle.

WATER: Consider...
- Rainwater and storm water management
- indoor/outdoor water use
- Water Drainage


For review of your energy consumption products use this quick checklist:
- Lighting
- Appliances
- Heating and cooling
- Hot water service
- Home automation
- Smart metres, displays

Design phase budget

Work with your designer...
to firm up your brief and budget

Design, Plans and Documentation:
The architect will take care of these documents for you and consult with you along the way.


As your Project Managers, our team at MudgeCorp will facilitate communication between all parties to ensure the drafted design matches the final constructed result.

Documentation of design plans

The architect will take care of these documents for you and consult with you along the way.


As your Project Managers, our team at MudgeCorp will facilitate communication between all parties to ensure the drafted design matches the final constructed result.

Development Application Submission (DA)

At the end of the design phase you will need to apply for approval of your development with the local Council. Along with the plans, elevations etc. you will require:
- An Environmental Statement
- Supporting documents and reports (flood report; bush fire report; etc.)
- Water and sewage plan


At MudgeCorp we are well versed in compiling all documntation and coordinating sub-contractors as required to fulfil all the report and documentation requirements for your Development Application. Let us do the hard work for you!

Choosing a Builder

Your choice of builder is just as critical as the designer or architect you choose for your home.


At MudgeCorp we coordinate both the building works and the construction of your project. As your project manager we supervise and coordinate:
- Trades
- product sourcing
- Sub-contractors
- Quantifying
- Delivery of materials
In addition:
- Provide quality assurance of the entire process
- Are Master Builders Association (MBA) members
- We are trained in sustainability practices and
- Are prepared to go that extra step to deliver 'best practice' outcomes.

Things to consider in choosing a builder

See below our checklist of thinge to consider in your builder choice:


- Skills and experience
- Track-record, previous projects
- Environmental practices
- Supervision
- Quality Policy
- Certification
- Suitability of contract
- Sub-contractor policy (for specialised jobs: plumbing, electrics etc.)
- Costing schedules and contingency plans
- Site management during constructiona

Application for Construction Certificate (CC)

You must obtain a CC once you have selected your builder and before you can commence construction.
Components for the CC application include:
- Water approval and any DA requirements (amendments to plans that have been specified in the DA)
- Builders Certificate and details
- Builders Licence and Home Warranty Insurance

Once approved the building can begin.


At MudgeCorp we are able to manage the entire certification process for you, making it efficient and totally pain-free to tick this requirement off your list.

Builders Licence and Credetials

When selecting a builder, look for the 'Master Builders Association' (MBA) and/or the 'housing Industry Association' (HIA) membership logos.


(Membership of the Master Builders Association demonstrates that a company values high standards of integrity, skill and responsibility to its clients).

Master Builders Association

MudgeCorp is a Master Builders Association (MBA) member and have also won multiple awards in the MBA national and state awards.

Rapport - Will you make a good team?

Building your dream home should be an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Choose a building company you have total confidence in to deliver an exceptional result and efficiently manage the process for you.

Don't forget to consider the fact that you will be working with the builder you choose and their team over the entire period of the proiject, so choose a builder you enjoy working with!


If you aspire to achieve the best possible outcome and work with a builder that is courteous, punctual, reliable, knowledgeable and highly skilled - MudgeCorp is your builder!

Don't take our word for it... see what our past clients have said on the 'testimonials page'.

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